Thursday, June 20, 2013

Miko gakkou monogatari: Sanae episode English Version in Playstation Store

I was browsing the new PlayStation mobile files tonight on my PS Vita and I noticed a new English translation for the visual novel Miko gakkou monogatari. It's the Sanae episode and I'm assuming there will be later releases for the other routes. It's only $3.29 so I bought it. It's in the PlayStation mobile section so any Sony certified device will have access to it. Maybe if enough people buy it, we will see more visual novels coming from Japan to our handheld devices. I'll post a review after I play it.

Sanae is the one in the middle. Hopefully we will see Blondie and purple pigtails in another episode.


  1. Did you manage to play this in the end? I saw this on the Vita too but even at the low price I thought the quality looked questionable.

  2. Don't get it yet. I'll post a review tonight or tomorrow.